1. Radical or dangerous operation of ATVs will not be tolerated.
2. Helmets are not required but are recommended.
3. Riding double is strongly discouraged.
4. Follow all ATV manufacturer's safety warnings.
5. No riders under the 18 of age without parent/guardian consent.
6. Adhere to speed limit of 10 mph within 100 feet of campers.
7. No unsafe or reckless riding.
8. Do not litter.
9. No glass bottles or containers.
10. No cutting of trees.
11. You are responsible for your own campfires.
12. Do not put cans or other non-combustibles in campfire.
13. Bag all trash & dispose of in trash containers or dumpster.
14. Camp at your own risk.
15. All State of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Laws will be enforced.
3971 CR 4209
Jacksonville, TX
Failure to follow these rules will result in temporary or permanent expulsion
from the park.
Thank you for your cooperation.